GEA LEFKADITI MELITIANI company was founded by Dionisios Garmiris…

Initially, the company started its operation in 2006, as a fruit supplier that marketed its product to various European markets. As of 2011, this practice gradually evolved into wholesale exports to more than 10 countries. Having accumulated knowledge and through targeted actions, we managed to make GEA a player in the export of fruit and vegetables across Europe.

Garmiris Dionisios , 1975

Today, GEA is a dynamically growing company, with continuous investments. The conditions and demands of the market lead the company towards further specialisation in fruit distribution. The company invested in improving product packaging, emphasising on health and safety regulations, as well as in enhancing the company’s production line. The company is seated in Lechaina of Ilia, in the fertile land of the Peloponnese – Greece, where excellent quality products grow.

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